On the Issues

Move Montana Forward Again

Join Joe in changing our state’s leadership and improving our chances of overcoming the lingering issues. Joe believes that by intentionally and continually engaging our community partners, we will create genuine opportunity for our citizens – opportunity that will allow us to retain our graduates and attract more people that want to call Montana home.

Joe Dooling has the energy, desire, and skills to help our state reach its potential. Joe will make sure that Montana’s residents receive increased access to capital — along with making homeownership available to families in rural Montana.

Protect & Defend Our Public Lands

Joe is deeply committed to protecting and expanding access to our public lands. He will fight back against the Washington bureaucrats who put up gates and lock us out from accessing our public lands.

  • Joe’s committed to protecting and expanding access to our public lands in areas where it doesn’t harm farmers and ranchers.
  • Joe will work to defend Montana’s ecosystem through common sense forest land management.
  • Watching our forests burn every summer isn’t a smart policy and Joe will work to bring much-needed reform for more state and local management.
Securing Our Borders

Joe will always support and loosen regulations to make the jobs of our law enforcement officers, ICE & CBP agents, and Veterans easier. Joe will fight to enforce our laws, protect our nation, and crack down on any threat on our borders, foreign and domestic.

Joe will work alongside President Trump to keep America moving forward:

  • Support federal funding to build the wall.
  • Deport violent criminals and illegal immigrants.
  • No more sanctuary cities.
Pro-Life & Pro-2nd Amendment
PRO-2nd AMENDMENT: Joe is an avid hunter and member of the NRA. He will always protect our gun rights and you can count on him to fight back against any attempt by Democrats that try to take our guns away.

PRO-LIFE: We need leadership that reflects our values. Joe is unequivocally pro-life and he supports policies that contribute to the successes of our local families.

Better Healthcare

Montanan families have been slammed with higher premiums and higher deductibles. Health care is just not affordable for the average family in Montana.

  • We must protect Montanan families from junk insurance.
  • We must remove the individual mandate and the limits on fair health plan options.
  • Joe will continue working to expand access and reduce health care costs. Joe believes we must provide more affordable options and better care to all Montanans, while also protecting those with pre-existing conditions.
A Life Spent Farming & Ranching

As a 3rd-generation farmer and rancher, Joe will fight every day for the family farmers and ranchers who are the backbone of Montana’s economy.


  • Joe will host listening sessions across the state to hear directly from Montana’s farmers and ranchers about their priorities.
  • Joe knows first-hand that Montana farmers and ranchers raise and grow the best products in the world, and he will fight tirelessly to ensure they have a level playing field.
  • Joe supports Donald Trump’s blocking of tainted Brazilian meat and helping to open Chinese markets to Montana beef.
  • Joe will fight to ensure Montana honey producers will get the restitutions they’re owed from Chinese dumping and to urge the federal government to act against unfair Canadian practices that devalue Montana wheat.
  • Joe will fight against all bureaucrats, politicians, and administrations that try to balance the budget at the cost of rural Montanans. Joe will challenge efforts to close Farm Service Agencies, eliminate rural development leadership, and cut funds for critical agriculture research facilities.
  • As someone who grows barley, Joe works to keep Montana breweries in business by lessening government restraints on the industry.
  • Joe will fight against attempts by the EPA and federal government to impose new regulations on things like farm dust, grain bins, and spent grain – which Montana brewers have provided to ranchers as feed for years.


  • Joe will preserve and protect Medicare and Social Security benefits for Montana seniors.
    • These benefits were earned and promised to our seniors — and Joe won’t let Washington politicians from either party cut or take away any of these benefits.
    • Joe will crackdown on bad actors who seek to scam seniors in the state of Montana.
    • Joe believes that every Montanan family deserves access to affordable health care.


  • Joe will bring his conservative leadership, fiscal discipline, and Montana Values to Washington DC.